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Scope and Object of the General Conditions of the Store

These General Conditions are intended, with the order form, and the other elements referred to therein, to regulate the terms and conditions governing the provision of the Loja Online Service Duralgarve, Lda. With headquarters at Urb, Quinta do Pinheiro Lt. 58 Portimão, under the unique registration number 3329 / 981120- CRC Portimão and identification of legal person nº 504287001 with the share capital of € 5,000, hereinafter referred to as Duralgarve.

The Service consists of providing access to the Online Store through the address Duralgarve.pt which, in addition to providing information on a set of products and services, allows the User, by electronic means, to order the products disclosed therein, under the terms and conditions described here.

Product Information and Contents

Duralgarve will do everything possible to ship all the products ordered, but it is possible that, in certain cases and due to causes difficult to control by Duralgarve, such as human errors or incidents in the computer systems, it is not possible to provide any of the products requested by the User . If any product is not available after placing the order, you will be notified, by email or by phone. At that time, you will be presented with the possibility to cancel the order with the respective refund, if you have already made the respective payment.

All information about prices, products, specifications, promotional actions and services may be changed by Duralgarve.


All products and services sold in the Duralgarve Online Store are in accordance with Portuguese law.

The consultations of data and information carried out within the scope of this Service, are presumed to have been carried out by the User, and Duralgarve declines any responsibility arising from the abusive or fraudulent use of the information obtained.

The user undertakes to:

  • i) Provide personal data and correct addresses;
  • ii) Do not use false identities;
  • iii) Respect the order limits imposed.

If any of the data is incorrect or insufficient, and for that reason there is a delay or impossibility in the processing of the order, or eventual non-delivery, the responsibility lies with the User, and Duralgarve declines any responsibility. In the event that the consumer breaches any of these obligations, Duralgarve reserves the right to eliminate future purchases, block access to the store, cancel the supply of any other services provided simultaneously by Duralgarve to the same User; and, still, not allow the future access of the User to any or any services provided by Duralgarve.

Order cancellation

The User may cancel his order by requesting it from Duralgarve through the telephone number or e-mail referring the order number, which will be accepted as long as it has not yet been processed. After its processing, Duralgarve will try to deliver it, but the User has the option of not accepting it.

For the purpose of cancellation the User must provide the following data to Duralgarve:

  • a) Order number
  • b) TIN with which you placed the order and delivery address

Duralgarve reserves the right not to process orders when it finds any inconsistency in the personal data presented or observes misconduct on the part of the buyer. Duralgarve reserves the right not to process any order or refund, in the event of errors in the values ​​and / or characteristics of the products, when these arise from technical problems or errors beyond Duralgarve.


All equipment available in the Store is duly certified by the competent international entities.

The equipment and accessories have a warranty period defined by the manufacturer, under the legal terms. The warranty period is considered from the date of the equipment invoice and can only be exercised upon presentation of the warranty certificate and / or proof of purchase (invoice) duly completed.

Equipment that has passed the period defined by the manufacturer or has defects caused by abnormal wear, improper installation, bad weather, electrical discharges, neglect or accidents, mishandling, infiltration of moisture / liquids, use of non-accessories is considered out of warranty conditions. and technical interventions by unauthorized personnel.

If the equipment breaks down, and if it is covered by the warranty, the User can go with the same, and respective proof of purchase and / or warranty, to a service center of the brand.

Applicable law

Applies by Portuguese law.

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